Free Visa to Dubai

A new policy promising free limited visas to transit passengers could potentially allow visitors to stay in the UAE for nearly a week.

The UAE cabinet approved last week a decision to exempt transit flyers from all entry fees for the first two days. The visa, which can be obtained at express counters across UAE airports, can be extended for up to four days for a minimal fee of Dh50.

According to travel specialists interviewed by Gulf News, the announcement has stirred up a lot of interest from customers, citing that they have been swamped with queries since the visa policy was first unveiled.

“We’ve been getting calls from Indians, Filipinos and South Africans since it was announced that the transit visa will apply to all nationalities and it can be extended,” said Stino Kuriakose, manager of New Horizons Travel and Tours.

Airports across the UAE attract millions of passengers every year and a huge chunk of that are transit.  In 2017, it was estimated that about seven in ten international flyers arriving in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other airports in the country were just passing through.

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